Your Investment Guide

Unlock the power of Google AI.  We offer a variety of services to fit any need.

  • Optimization Consulting Starting at $500/Mo

    For businesses with smaller budgets and an in-house Google Ads manager, we offer consulting services. Your staff handles the work internally while we provide guidance and training. We love sharing our expertise and advising on the best strategies if you’re willing to do the work internally.

  • Local Sites & Startups Starting at $1,000/Mo

    These websites that are easy to manage and include brand campaigns, search campaigns, local campaigns, performance max campaigns, and more. They often involve very custom work based on your business’s specialties and competitive advantage.

  • Large E-commerce Sites Starting at $3,000/Mo

    These websites require extensive work in Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, and multiple campaigns, usually per category of products. These include brand campaigns, search campaigns, shopping campaigns, and performance max campaigns. They’re the most work-intensive for us, but the potential ROI improvements can be incredible.

More Investment Details

We believe in transparency, especially when it comes to your investment.
So, here are some more details about how we can work together.

  • You are never held captive and can discontinue our services at any time.
  • We work exclusively in your account, so any work we’ve done remains yours, even if you choose to part ways.
  • Our clients are billed a flat rate on the first of each month, with no long-term contracts.
  • For larger sites with dozens or even hundreds of products, you can choose to have us optimize everything or just some elements at a time.
  • Our flat rate is determined by the amount of work your site requires each month.
  • Generally, smaller sites require less work, while larger sites require more.
  • The above pricing is only a general idea. We can only determine an exact monthly price during our initial consultation call.
  • Remember, your investment in Google Ads is an investment in your business’s future. Let’s make 2024 the year your business reaches new heights!