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Need help with your online presence? We can help you get the attention your website deserves.

Who We Are

Our founder and president, Corey Creed, has been helping companies just like yours get the attention they deserve since 2003.

Our Story

Artisan Internet Marketing started out in Asheville, North Carolina as HIPPO Internet Marketing in 2003. But it was rebranded to Artisan upon relocating to Florida in 2017. Now, starting in 2024, we are happy to be back in the Carolinas, located in Greenville SC.

Throughout this entire time, we have helped small businesses, e-commerce companies, and many others get the attention they deserve through online advertising, search engine optimization, and other online marketing techniques.

Our Services

We are happy to help a wide variety of businesses, but below are just a few of our key offerings.

Paid Ads

Give your business a boost and utilize the latest techniques in getting attention online through ads.


Make sure you are not ignored or missing in the search engines through best practices optimization.

Content Marketing

We utilize both AI and quality human writers for blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

Amazon Marketing

Get the visibility that only Amazon can provide for products while maximizing your ROI.

Paid Ads

We are proud to have been handling PPC clients since 2003 and look forward to building a specific marketing plan around your needs.

We are happy to discuss your Ads, social media, and more.


Ranking well on the search engines is still one of the best ways to be discovered online.

We can help you develop your online presence in such a way that encourages search engines to find and discover your business.

A Marketing agency that helps you succeed

We are happy to create custom campaigns and marketing initiatives around your specific needs.

We are located in Greenville, SC but are happy to collaborate and work with any business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the extra cost of hiring you going to pay off? Can’t we just do it ourselves?

You could, but consider the time, energy, and budget it takes to learn and test strategies. Our service is a shortcut to success, applying our knowledge to boost your results.

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Do you have experience in my industry?

Google Ads isn’t about industry experience anymore. Our marketing expertise and familiarity with Google’s AI are what count. In fact, fresh eyes on your industry could be the secret sauce to your success. That being said, we love learning what makes your business unique and will ask you lots of questions before tailoring our approach to your needs.

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Is there a long-term contract for ad management services?

No, we bill monthly and you can quit anytime. We are confident you’ll stay because you value our work, not because you’re locked in.

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