Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the extra cost of hiring you going to pay off? Can’t we just do it ourselves?

You could, but consider the time, energy, and budget it takes to learn and test strategies. Our service is a shortcut to success, applying our knowledge to boost your results.

Do you have experience in my industry?

Google Ads isn’t about industry experience anymore. Our marketing expertise and familiarity with Google’s AI are what count. In fact, fresh eyes on your industry could be the secret sauce to your success. That being said, we love learning what makes your business unique and will ask you lots of questions before tailoring our approach to your needs.

I had a bad experience with a marketing company; what makes your service different?

We prioritize transparency and communication. As Google Ads specialists with two decades of experience, we focus on what works. We build trust by delivering results. We'll start small and go slow, if you prefer that. As we gain your trust, you can grow even faster.

Is there a long-term contract for ad management services?

No, we bill monthly and you can quit anytime. We are confident you’ll stay because you value our work, not because you’re locked in.

How much time will it require from me?

Initially, a few minutes for online questions and a half-hour chat to set your strategy. After that, we take over, providing monthly updates and being available for calls when needed.

Will your Google Ads align with our brand and values?

Absolutely. We’ll work with you to create ads that reflect your brand and resonate with your audience. We make sure every ad feels like it’s coming straight from you, not just some marketer.

Will you work with my business?

Probably. However, there are a number of reasons why we may choose not to work with certain businesses. For example, we generally don't work with direct competitors or certain industries such as pills, porn, politics, or the gaming industry. Simply reach out. We enjoy talking with everyone.

Can you guarantee performance?

While we can’t control Google, our expertise gives you a competitive edge. We set achievable goals and strive to surpass them. We’re confident in our ability to assist you, but we won’t force you to stay if we’re not meeting your expectations.

How quickly can I expect to see results from my Google Ads?

Results vary, but we often see significant improvements within 30-60 days.

What kind of reporting will I receive on my campaigns?

We provide monthly updates on key metrics and results, usually via email. For more detailed reports, you can access your Google Ads or Analytics accounts or request specific reports from us. You can also schedule a call anytime to discuss your progress.

Can I choose the keywords for my Google Ads?

Absolutely, your input is important to us and appreciated. We’ll also test and optimize these keywords to ensure the best results.

What happens if my ads are not performing as expected?

We’ll reassess and adjust our strategies. If we’re unable to improve performance, you’re free to end our services at any time.

Can I pause my Google Ads at any time?

Absolutely. Just let us know when to stop and start them again. However, please keep in mind that Google’s AI is based on the last 90 days of history, with the most recent weeks counting the most. So, we don’t recommend doing this unless it is necessary.

How do you stay up-to-date with Google Ads changes and updates?

We test and measure everything. We also regularly learn from industry mentors, blogs, and updates from Google.

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