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Marketing Questions Answered

Because you asked


Below are the most common questions we get asked by potential clients. You may find them helpful before contacting us.
  • Q. Where are you located?
    Corey Creed works in a small town less than an hour north of Orlando called Mount Dora.

    However, we are a virtual agency. In other words, when Artisan Internet Marketing works for you, we will use partners, contractors, and vendors from around the country and around the world.  We will hand-select the best professionals that can do all that you need to be done for the right price.  Our experience has revealed many opportunities to get things done.

    Not having a team of individuals all at one location minimizes the overhead costs and therefore keeps our costs lower for you and your business.

  • Q. What does working with Artisan Internet Marketing look like?
    Most importantly, we start with a (free) conversation.  Corey will learn your current situation and your goals.  From there, a strategy can be hammered out.  At that point, if you can implement the strategy on your own, that is fine.  If you would like to hire us to train you or to do the work for you, we can.  In other words, let’s talk.  From there, we’ll figure out what works best for you.
  • Q. How much does this cost?
    It depends.  But most typically, we work on retainer.

    In other words, on the first of every month, we charge our clients an agreed-upon monthly retainer.  Then, we work hard for you during the month implementing the strategy we determined previously.  This could include SEO, Advertising, or any other form of Internet marketing.  Each month, we report back both on what we are working on and the results you are achieving.

    We do not have long-term contracts.  Therefore, if you want to quit at any time, you can.  We will simply finish that month and not charge you again.  This keeps us working for you each and every month and communicating regularly.

    To keep things simple, we only accept credit or debit cards.  We also do not handle ad costs.  You will handle all Google Ads expenses.  However, we will carefully keep you within the predetermined budget.

  • Q. Do you still offer consulting or training?
    Yes.  If you simply need consulting or training, let us know.  We can do this on a monthly ongoing basis affordably.  We can also offer one-time training, although this is rare.