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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the years. What used to involve just putting the right words in the right place and getting links to your site has morphed into more.

Now, SEO includes far more than just the basic elements. It includes understanding what Google actually wants and delivering it to them to the advantage of the searcher.

Over the last 20 years, I've enjoyed observing various good, bad, brilliant, and even ugly SEO techniques attempted. I've also enjoyed the endless debates I've had with others on the topic.

However, the bottom line is that every site is different and building a solid and efficient SEO strategy is always the key. That is what we do.

- Corey Creed, owner

We enjoy doing free evalutations of any site. We can quickly and easily identify what keywords, on-page factors, content, and links are already working for you. From there, we can identify what shape your SEO strategy should take and how we can best implement it.

Our Experience

We have been offering SEO services to hundreds of clients since we started in 2003. Below are just a few past projects. We do not typically reveal our clients, to avoid unwanted attention. We are happy to explain in greater detail if you contact us.
  • Bellman Cart Solutions
  • Ninja Warrior Solutions
  • Cherokee NC
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • What exactly is SEO?
    This is a subject of great debate in the industry. Our definitions (that have been refined over the last 20 years) are listed below.
    • AS A VERB: The art and science of increasing the volume of significant and profitable traffic from unpaid results on search engines.
    • AS A NOUN: Those that perform the art and science of SEO (as listed above).
  • What does an SEO campaign include?
    This depends on the needs and the strategy we develop with you. However, it almost always includes most or all of the below.
    • Consulting and Strategy
    • Keyword Research
    • On-page factors
    • Link Building and Trust Building
    • Content Edits or Growth
  • How long does SEO take?
    Results usually start to be seen in about three months or so and will grow slowly. We recommend working with us for six months minimum, but below is how we work with our clients.
    • No long term contracts
    • Quit at any time
    • We only want happy clients
  • How much does SEO cost?
    Every campaign and strategy is different. Initial consultations and strategy development are always free. However, below are some typical rates.
    • $500 per month - Consultation & training only
    • $1,000 per month - Small site or business
    • $3,000 per month and up - E-commerce business
    • NOTE: All rates need to be quoted. These are approximations