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4M Health

4M Health sells blood pressure kiosks.  They have a long history and incredible knowledge and experience in this unique and niche product line.  However, they wanted more leads.

Online Ads and a Website Redesign Turnaround

The owners of 4M Health found out about me through another referral and I was happy to have them visit me in my office just before Covid-19 struck in 2020. After some long conversations, it was obvious that their Google AdWords needed a refresh and some active monitoring. But that wasn't enough. It got things going in the right direction, but a redesign of their site was necessary.

With the new site in place, the Google Ads work better than ever. Lead generation is flowing again and providing valuable leads that they can follow up on. In the process, we were able to identify another source of income and create an entirely new one. All of this is resulting in steady gaines as we now look to grow and optimize their ads moving forward.

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Marketing Techniques Used

After initial consultation, a strategic course was followed to provide more leads moving forward.
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    4M Health
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    Jan 2020 to Current
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    Google Ads, Site Redesign, Lean Gen
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    Eustis, Florida