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Ketogenic.com is very respected as a thought leader in ketogenic and low carb research.  The owners are doctors that have built a reputation for themselves and their website as not only the most cutting edge and respected information but as the curators of all things low carb.  They know keto and wanted to build their online e-commerce offerings.

From Expertise to E-commerce Growth

Owner Corey Creed has had the pleasure of working part time with the owners of Ketogenic.com with an effort to improve their business and grow their e-commerce offerings. The owners wanted to not only increase sales and revenue, but also to use the e-commerce products to drive interest in their monthly subscription. The Keto Club offering is a monthly subscription which has been compared to Amazon Prime for the keto community.

Adding e-commerce products to WooCommerce and WordPress is not hard. But negotiating the arrangements for fulfilling these products through strategic partners has been the fun part of this project. While working together, re-launching Keto Club to a 2.0 version, assisting with sales funnels, and providing monetization strategies has been only part of the strategic planing and pleasure of working with these highly motivated and very intelligent business owners.

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Marketing Techniques Used

Once started, e-commerce became only part of the pleasure of working with Ketogenic.com. Finding a way to meet the goals of the company and strategizing the ideas to increase profits through monthly subscriptions has been the real challenge and reward.
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