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Hippo Inc

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Hippo Inc

This leading seller of bellman carts for over a decade was the business that I built from scratch when I began learning Internet marketing.  It took ingenuity to identify the opportunity and build the initial lead gen opportunity back in 2002 in FrontPage.  But over time, it grew to sell millions of dollars to the hospitality industry with a small group of friends.  All of it was drop shipped and all sales took place on our own web sites.

Steady E-commerce Growth for over a Decade

When I started Hippo Inc, I was working by myself while my new bride would leave the house to work various small jobs. I pushed Google Ads and got my first leads, which led to my first sales. Over time, this resulted in several e-commerce sites being built from scratch as I built relationships with a wide variety of vendors from around the world.

Our flagship site was Bellman Cart Solutions, which sold more bellman carts than any other place online. Our multiple vendors and hundreds of products with thousands of options were valued partners while my small salesforce learned the ins and outs of all things bellman carts. We expanded to waste receptacles, crowd control, and many other products.

Over time, we sold millions of dollars worth of product to the hospitality industry until we closed our doors in 2014. Like any business owner, I made my mistakes in running this business, but I also learned a lot. I will always appreciate the many people I worked with along the way. Many have become lifelong friends.

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Marketing Techniques Used

Search Engine Optimization was our bread and butter for this business. Google AdWords was in its infancy at the time, and we learned to use it to our advantage as well.
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