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Collected Foods LLC

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Collected Foods

I started this business in 2017 with 3 others to sell spices and unique spice blends online.  My business partners handle the operations, quality, and partnerships.  My manage and monitor the finances, technology, and most importantly, all of the marketing.

Grow Online from Scratch

I'm happy to say that this is a business I helped grow from infancy. It started with initial phone calls, leading to developing the roles and responsibilities. We started the legal structure and worked our hearts out for several years while making no money. But most recently, the efforts have been paying off. Collected Foods LLC is now becoming a strong brand on Amazon with a loyal following. We have built a strong process for developing and launching unique spices and our own custom blends.

My role has involved branding, building out the products, growing our customer base, ranking on Amazon, advertising on Amazon and much more. We are now about to relaunch our site, start a new brand ambassador program for our loyal fans, and continue to expand and grow. We are thrilled to be a strong six-figure seller on Amazon and aspire to become a seven-figure seller in the near future.

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Marketing Techniques Used

We started with nothing. My partners and I grew with our own sweat equity and built great connections and friendships along the way. We now are leveraging Amazon and Shopify to build a brand with huge potential.
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