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New Search Engine Optimization Site in Mount Dora, FL

Hi! I am Corey Creed, the owner of Artisan Internet Marketing. As I write this, I’ve been doing SEO for my own sites and my clients sites for almost 20 years. Those of us that do this for a living usually do it for our own sites while also taking on clients. I moved to Mount Dora from North Carolina in 2016. But I’ve kept a pretty low profile only because I’ve been enjoying working for my own businesses and for some national clients.

However, now that five years have passed, I finally took the time to build out my website, Artisan Internet Marketing. Over the last five years, I have worked with a couple of local clients including 4M Health, which is a national company, and Lake Legal News, which is an extremely popular local news blog. You can learn more about them on my experience page. In doing so, I’ve been reminded of how fun it is to interact with local businesses.

I love the town of Mount Dora. I’ve had three offices in five years right in the center of town. My current office is in the same building as Piglet’s Pantry and I’m almost directly above Cody’s on 4th. So, today, February 24, 2021, I finally took the time to complete my website and open up my services to those that would like to contact me.

As mentioned, I don’t just do this type of work for clients. I do this for myself. I’ve owned several e-commerce businesses and two are selling very well now on both Shopify and Amazon. But if you would like some help, or even just some consulting, I’m happy to talk with you about my options for Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Lead Generation, or any other topics that make up Online Marketing.

I don’t do traditional marketing. But I have extensive history with Internet marketing. My greatest specialty is learning the unique needs of a specific business, setting a path for how best to proceed, and then either handing that work off or getting it done myself. I work as both a marketing consultant and an Internet Marketing Agency. In other words, I can train you and your people, or I can get the actual work done for you. Either way is fine. I have the partners and resources to complete any project you can think up. That’s what happens when you are a 20 year veteran marketer.

I hope this new phase of opening myself up to the local Lake Country region helps people. I love marketing and I love meeting people. Please feel free to reach out to me and we can talk about what advertising or marketing you might want or need.


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