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Our Marketing History

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Our Experience

Since 2003, owner Corey Creed has been building online businesses and marketing them online. Along the way, he has enjoyed working for clients, teaching students, learning, testing, and figuring out what works best.
  • E-commerce Marketing and Selling since 2003
  • Training and Consulting since 2007
  • Amazon Marketing and Selling since 2014
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Company History

Our History

Below is a short list of some of the milestones of Corey Creed and his various businesses and accomplishments.
March 2003

Career Started in Asheville, NC

After growing up in Massachusetts and spending several years working for a large organization in New York, Corey began working specifically with e-commerce and online marketing in 2002. Yet, his entrepreneurialism began in 2003 when he moved his family to Asheville, NC. There, he started a one-page lead generation site which eventually led to an entire e-commerce business serving the hospitality industry. Simultaneously, he started networking locally and taking on clients to grow their online presence.

Training Center Opens in Lake Norman, NC

Although Hippo Inc was growing and had sold over $1M online and clients were seeking his assistance, Corey's focus shifted. He started teaching Internet marketing classes in Charlotte, NC including topics such as SEO, Google AdWords, blogging, and Social Media.

Training Academy & Social Fresh

Corey served as Director of Training for Social Fresh, a social media marketing training company. He also built Hippo Academy, which served as an online platform to teach his various students.

SEO Agency: Director of Client Services

For one year, Corey managed six campaign managers and monitored hundreds of websites while training many interns and assistants for Ephricon. Ephricon was a world-class SEO Agency and Corey served there until it was sold.

First Amazon Business Founded

Corey became the majority owner of Rhino Goods Inc, which has a focus on creating brands and selling on Amazon. This business has been a multi six-figure seller on Amazon every year since.

Spice Business Founded

Corey moved to Florida and soon partnered with several others including a professional chef to create Collected Foods LLC. This business creates and sells various spices and unique spice blends on Amazon and elsewhere. Corey serves as CMO and CFO.

Artisan Internet Marketing Incorporates

Over the years, Corey has served as the owner of Hippo Inc, Hippo Internet Marketing, Hippo Training, Rhino Goods Inc, and Collected Foods LLC. Most recently, his client work has been handled simply as Corey Creed Consulting. However, in 2021, he incorporated Artisan Online LLC (dba Artisan Internet Marketing) to formalize the new client offerings he has been building for almost two decades.

A New Marketing Agency

In March 2022, after working together for over two years, Corey created a new marketing agency that is co-owned by lifelong friend, Matthew Brunetti. Artisan will still continue to serve any and all types of industries. However, the new company named Circle Sparks LLC will focus on one specific industry.

Relocation to Sanford, FL

In April 2022, Artisan Internet Marketing "Headquarters" relocated to Sanford, FL. Our team continues to be virtual and our clients can be (and are) located anywhere. But we are happy to be located in the beautiful downtown area of Sanford, Florida.

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